Mental & Physichal problems

Sportsinjury  Whiplash  Slipped-disk  Sciatica 

Carpaltunnel-syndrome  Frozen-shoulder Knee-pain 


Digestive problems  Insomnia  Migrain  Stress  Panic-attacks

Fibromyalgia m.m

Facial acupuncture for fine lines, spots and wrinkels.



 Natural Acupuncture & Tcm has a natural and holistic approach towards medicine and you as a patient.

We have the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a background in Westernmedicine and a new approach through Natural Acupuncture. In other words... Bring us what is bothering you and we will most likely find a way to help you get rid of it and we will also give you an understandig of how the problem got there in the first way so you can avoid doing the same misstake again.

*We also do homevisits if you can not come to the clinic.

*If you are a group of people that want community acupuncture this is also possible.

*We work with docors around the world and if you heard about us and want us to come to your city/clinic to give tretments you can contact us and we will arrange something

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